The Semi-Automatic 2 Head Positive Displacement Filler (SAPD-2) utilizes a Positive Displacement Pump Head for each fill head.




The Semi-Automatic 2 Head Positive Displacement Filler (SAPD-2) utilizes a Positive Displacement Pump Head for each fill head. Using a superior PLC Control Package allows the operator to control each individual fill head with exacting repeatable accuracy using encoding technology for fractional control of the pump head, all with an easy to use back lit alpha numeric display.

Each fill head can be programmed to start the fill process slowly then ramp up to full speed before slowing back down to complete the fill. After completing the fill, the pump can reverse to suck back product within the nozzle to prevent dripping while replacing filled bottles with empty containers. This will allow for the fastest possible production speeds while maintaining high quality production.

The positive displacement pump heads are manufactured from high quality stainless steel components and are available in sanitary 4gpm and 10gpm options. This filler is designed for higher viscosity products or when a high degree of accuracy is required. The machine is versatile enough to handle a wide range of container sizes, fill volumes, and product types making it perfect for almost any application.

The SAPD-2 is the perfect filler for large production runs and start-ups alike. The Semi-Automatic Positive Displacement Machine includes a 4gpm (optional 10gpm) Positive Displacement Pump for each fill head, a sanitary stainless steel hopper with a liquid level assembly, and a PLC Control Box all mounted on a heavy duty stainless steel frame.



    • Sanitary Stainless Steel base
    • Reinforced Food Grade Tubing
    • Stainless Steel Gear Pump with Ryton Gears
    • Adjustable Volumetric Fill by Pump Revolutions
    • Independent Fill Heads
    • Manual Fill Head Height Adjustment
    • Easy to Program
    • 30 Job Memory
    • Sanitary Stainless Steel Control Valve for Tank


    • Automatic Diving Nozzles
    • Positive Off Nozzles
    • Hazardous Location Electrical Controls
    • Powered Fill Head Height Adjustment
    • Container Neck Orientator
    • Sanitary Connections
    • Gear Materials Stainless Steel/Plastic
    • 10 GPM Pump


Height: 64” (1625.6 mm)
Length: 35“ (889 mm)
Depth: 48”
Weight: Approx. 300 lbs. (181.4 kg)
Product Filling Speed:: Approx. 40 CPM
Fill Size: 0.5 oz – 5 gal.
Viscosity Range: 0-18,000 cps
Foamy Product: Yes
Corrosive Product: Yes
Heated Product: Yes
Particulates: No
Electrical: 110/240 VAC / Single Phase / 40 AMP
Air Requirements: 80 PSI



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